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  • Island Dress is a 100% Organic and natural spring/summer dress for your little one. Medeterenian artisans crochet the top part of the dress using 100% Organic cotton yarn w/GOTS (Global Organic Textile Certification). The bottom part of the dress is the unique "Şile Bezi", 100% natural, undyed, cotton fabric. Şile Bezi is a type of fabric that has contributed to the world of fashion from a tiny coastal town in Istanbul. The old-style production of the fabric is entirely natural as well as organic. Our products are safe for sensitive baby skin; breathable and non-allergenic. They can be worn 4 seasons without any other layer. 


    Babies grow fast and our collection is designed accordingly with folded long arms, legs and adjustable straps. Knitted clothes are flexible and tend to resemble the shape of the body, which is why they are still trendy for baby clothing generation after generation. 


    CHO & moi supports women empowerment. Women create life within their bodies, and then nurture their children throughout their lives as they feed, care, teach and raise them. They want the best for their children, and we at CHO & moi want the best for all women.


    Care Instructions:

    - Hand-wash in warm water with baby shampoo

    - Dry flat, do not tumble dry

    - Ironing is optional, iron medium


    Color: blue

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